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Crash Proof Retirement Recognized During Pandemic

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Crash Proof Retirement Recognized During Pandemic

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pennsylvania — Consumers praised Founder Phil Cannella, CEO Joann Small, and their team at Crash Proof Retirement for their many years of consumer advocacy and their unwavering effort to educate consumers about ways to protect their retirement savings from uncertain economic conditions. Clients commended Cannella and Small for their ability to retain all Crash Proof Retirement employees and mobilize their team during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic by safely and efficiently transitioning to work from remote locations and maintain appointments with consumers virtually. While other investors lost money beyond their control on Wall Street, Crash Proof Consumers were relieved knowing that their money was secure in the Crash Proof Retirement System.

Although other financial firms struggled to mobilize their professionals, Phil Cannella and Joann Small led from the front, encouraged by the peace of mind that they have gained from their personal Crash Proof Retirement System. “I have no concerns about the COVID virus affecting my investments with the Crash Proof Retirement System,” said Cannella. Comforted knowing that the money in their system was safe, Cannella and Small were determined to do what was necessary to employ state-of-the-art video conferencing technology so their team could accommodate existing clients, and manage the influx of new clients by conducting virtual meetings to protect the financial and medical needs of all of their consumers.

Mobilizing the team at Crash Proof Retirement enabled staff to process everyday business to ensure that their clients’ investments would continue to show exceptional results through some of the worst market conditions ever recorded. “This year I made interest that I won’t lose,” said Donald Cutler, a Crash Proof Consumer since 2010. “There’s a team of experts at Crash Proof Retirement looking out for you and every one of their investors. You not only have liquidity, but you have the satisfaction of knowing that your money is safe.”

Clients like Celeste Twardowski of Reading, Pennsylvania who has been a Crash Proof Consumer since 2015 also expressed gratitude during the COVID-19 pandemic for the team’s work in developing her Crash Proof Retirement System. “We have no fees, we will never lose our principal, we always have access to our money, our money is growing, [and] it’s safe.” At the root of Crash Proof Consumers’ faith in the exclusive and proprietary investment System is the foundation and principles of consumer advocacy that were instilled upon the team by Phil Cannella and Joann Small many years before the pandemic wreaked havoc on investors’ retirement savings.

Crafted by Phil Cannella and Joann Small, Crash Proof Retirement’s consumer advocacy approach has put consumers front and center and given clients the confidence that their retirement savings will always be protected. The Crash Proof Retirement System features a unique consumer-driven educational approach that engages consumers one-on-one with a licensed retirement phase expert during a minimum of three educational appointments. These appointments are structured for the consumer to learn about safe alternatives outside of Wall Street’s risky businesses and interact with the information by completing homework to confirm their participation in the educational process.

Combined with the no pressure and no selling approach, another Crash Proof Retirement Consumer Protection Policy ensures that there is no conflict of interest from the advisors and gives consumers complete autonomy when choosing, adjusting, and fine-tuning their products and investment strategies. These opportunities are specifically tailored for each consumer by Crash Proof Retirement’s salaried design team made up of licensed retirement phase experts and analysts. All this education and work is accomplished without exposing any clients to market risk or fees. “I’ve been in the field of educating students for over 40 years,” said Dr. John Esposito, a Crash Proof Consumer since 2013. “Knowledge is a very powerful thing, but it’s powerless unless you can transfer that knowledge to someone else — that’s what Crash Proof Retirement does. As an educator my whole life, what Phil and Joann are doing for the retiree in this country is to be commended.”

The Crash Proof Retirement team’s consumer advocacy extends well beyond educating consumers about market risk and volatility and includes special initiatives that encourage more individuals to get involved in their financial decision-making process when planning for retirement. Specifically orchestrated by Joann Small, one of her pioneering initiatives is to educate women about their finances. Small’s dedication to this initiative has made the Crash Proof Retirement team a leading advocate for women in retirement. “Women in our generation really have been kept in the dark as to how to handle our money and I have to say, this has been the first time that we have sat down to plan our financial future that I’ve understood what is happening, that I feel confident, that I feel safe,” said Savannah McHugh a Crash Proof Consumer since 2010. “Joann was mentioning the initiative she is taking up to speak to women out there and be an advocate for women and their investment in their retirement years, it’s like, you go girl, because that’s what we need.”

About Us:

Crash Proof Retirement is a one-of-a-kind consumer advocacy retirement planning financial firm, with offices in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania and West Palm Beach, Florida that’s dedicated to protecting investors’ nest eggs. Founder Phil Cannella and CEO Joann Small lead from the front with their very own specifically tailored Crash Proof Retirement System. While Cannella and Small have traveled different paths throughout their careers, they eventually joined forces with a common goal to educate the public about the dangers of Wall Street’s high-risk securities, economic disasters, bankruptcies, government takeovers, and much more. Cannella and Small have protected more than 5,000 consumers using the proprietary Crash Proof Retirement System and have made it their mission to create a consumer advocacy firm that investors can rely on and have peace of mind throughout retirement. For more information, visit or tune into The Crash Proof Retirement Show which airs in the Philadelphia region on Saturdays at 11am and Sundays at 1pm on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT and in South Florida on Sundays at 8am on Legends 100.3 FM.

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