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Crash Proof Retirement Matches 401k Contributions for Third Consecutive Year

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Crash Proof Retirement Matches 401k Contributions for Third Consecutive Year

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pennsylvania — Crash Proof Retirement, LLC continues to soar above and beyond in the financial industry and is pleased to announce that, despite the global pandemic, they matched their employees’ 2020 401k contributions at a rate of 144%. Following an incredibly successful performance in 2020, Crash Proof Retirement confirmed that this was the third consecutive year since 2018 that employees’ 401k contributions were matched at a rate higher than or equal to 100%. The executives at Crash Proof Retirement, including Founder Phil Cannella and CEO Joann Small have made it their mission to not only serve as advocates for their consumers by protecting their nest eggs, but to also advocate for their staff by helping them build their retirement futures.

This level of staff appreciation is exclusive to Crash Proof Retirement and unseen in most industries as employers generally provide a contribution match of 50% up to 6% of the employee’s gross earnings, according to a study conducted by Vanguard. Some companies like Tesla (see example below) do not offer any contribution match for their employees. These statistics highlight why Phil Cannella and Joann Small are industry leaders who care for their employees and are pioneering what it means to be a true consumer advocate in an industry that often operates without the best interests of their consumers or staff in mind.

Company: Crash Proof Retirement

Percentage Match: 144%

Gross Earnings Cap or Limit: No Limit


Company: Tesla

Percentage Match: None

Gross Earnings Cap or Limit: None

Company: Amazon

Percentage Match: 50%

Gross Earnings Cap or Limit: 2% Cap


Company: Google

Percentage Match: 50%

Gross Earnings Cap or Limit: $8,250 Limit

While 2020 was not a business-friendly year for many industries, Crash Proof Retirement prevailed, having their most productive year since 2010 and a 52% increase in client protection from 2019 thanks to the dedicated team of consumer advocates led by Cannella and Small. “This year’s display of teamwork gave the company the ability to be the leader in matching employees’ 401ks to secure our staff’s retirement futures,” wrote CEO Joann Small in a companywide email announcing the match. The executive at Crash Proof Retirement cited the teamwork, professionalism, and substance of the staff by dealing with difficult and uncertain circumstances throughout 2020 to maintain the expected and deserved high quality level of service for their clients.

The staff at Crash Proof Retirement were faced with numerous obstacles throughout the year in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic but met each challenge with tenacity and with one goal in mind — protecting their consumers with peace of mind throughout their retirement years. “It’s commendable that our staff did not skip a beat during the pandemic. It’s a reflection of our mission to bring peace of mind throughout our consumers’ retirement years,” said Anthony Gryga, a Processing Associate for Crash Proof Retirement.

Susan Eckhardt, who has been a Crash Proof Consumer since 2016 highlighted her appreciation for the work of the Crash Proof Retirement team in 2020, the year of the COVID pandemic. “This past year we’ve appreciated over $41,000 in our whole system. I can concern myself with enjoying my retirement, I don’t have to worry about my Crash Proof Retirement System.”

Additionally, Crash Proof Retirement also seeks to protect consumers from expensive nursing home and income costs with an education about the benefits of long-term care investments. Phil Cannella and Joann Small have also taken a vested interest in the healthcare costs of their staff. On top of the generous 401k match, the profound success of the Crash Proof Retirement team has allowed the company to match 100% up to $125 per month for employee’s health savings accounts. In 2019, employers only matched 27% of HSA dollars, with an average monthly employer contribution of $74 per month, according to Devenir Research. These statistics undoubtedly and consistently show that Crash Proof Retirement is leading from the front to ensure that, not only their clients, but their staff as well have happy and healthy futures.

These benefits go a long way to show the deep appreciation and care that the executives at Crash Proof Retirement have for their team of consumer defenders. “Our leaders, Phil Cannella and Joann Small, are making improvements every day and because of that, so much has changed at Crash Proof Retirement,” said Chief Operating Officer Michael Stringer. “We’ve developed a team of hard-working consumer advocates who are eager to be a part of the reason why our consumers can have peace of mind in retirement.”

Crash Proof Retirement is equally resolute to the retirement peace of mind of their clients, as well as their staff, according to Cannella who explained, “It’s important to Joann and I that people come into a bright, cheerful office where our team members are going to be advocates for our clients. In the same respect, we try to be advocates for our team and seek out ways to spark a consistent positive attitude to achieve success.” Cannella’s referring to one of the many principles he has applied to Crash Proof Retirement since its inception. His five keys to success dictate that having a positive attitude gives you altitude, which brings gratitude. In turn, the gratitude cultivates the intestinal fortitude necessary to achieve your purpose; and it’s that purpose that will propel you to success.

The unique circumstances of 2020 presented the Crash Proof Retirement team with opportunities to grow personally and professionally and as a result, the company was able to reflect the team’s efforts with generous retirement benefits that are few and far between any offerings in any other industry.

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