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Crash Proof Retirement Holds First Educational Event at Abacoa Golf Course in Jupiter, FL

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Crash Proof Retirement Holds First Educational Event at Abacoa Golf Course in Jupiter, FL

Jupiter, FL — Retirement Phase Experts Phil Cannella and Joann Small of Crash Proof Retirement held their first of two retirement educational events March 26th at Abacoa Golf Club in Jupiter, FL. Nearly 100 people attended the event, which is one of hundreds that Crash Proof Retirement has presented since 2001 to educate those in or near retirement about the potential pitfalls of stock market investing and the safe alternatives that exist. With more events planned for the venue, including one on May 21st, 2019, Phil Cannella considers the first event a tremendous success and says he hopes to return to Abacoa Golf Club many times in the future for the opportunity to educate even more people about matters related to retirement investing.

This event in Jupiter, Florida was a particularly special one for Crash Proof Retirement, as founder Phil Cannella unveiled for the first time a new chart outlining the types of safe financial instruments that make up the exclusive Crash Proof Retirement System. Because many in attendance were hearing about these instruments for the first time, Cannella also went through each one individually, describing the purpose of each and how it fits into the big picture of the proprietary Crash Proof Retirement System.

“Each instrument in the Crash Proof Retirement System has a specific purpose,” says Phil Cannella, “Individually, they may not be able to provide the same results, but when they work together in concert, they can help everyday investors achieve their retirement goals in a safe, guaranteed way.”

The crowd listened intently as Cannella gave detailed examples of these instruments and how they can provide tax-favored income, tax-deferred growth, coverage for long term care, estate preservation, and more. Many guests took notes as they realized all they ways in which they could apply this information to their own investment strategies. In addition to documenting the inner workings of the Crash Proof Retirement System, Phil Cannella also went over other crucial information, including the hidden fees in mutual funds, the best kept secrets in the banking, tax, and legal industries, plus the history of depressions and recessions in this country and how it could indicate another economic downturn on the horizon.

For anyone in the Jupiter, Florida area who is interested in hearing more about Crash Proof Retirement, another event is planned for May 21st at Abacoa Golf Club. Crash Proof Retirement also presents educational events at venues all over the country, so visit crashproofretirement.com and click the “Events” tab to find an upcoming event near you.

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