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Crash Proof Retirement Enhances National Headquarters

Consumer Driven Office 11.12.20

Crash Proof Retirement Enhances National Headquarters

King of Prussia, PA — Crash Proof Retirement invited new and existing clients back into their King of Prussia national headquarters to unveil the results of a Summer refurbishing process that added new life into an already existing consumer driven office. Delivering on their promise to be consumer advocates, Crash Proof Retirement revamped their 10,000 square foot facility from scratch and implemented state of the art technologies to ensure that Crash Proof Consumers continue to receive the exclusive and specialized retirement support that they need to efficiently track economic conditions without the downside of market risk during periods of economic turbulence. 

“It’s easy to be committed to the consumer in uncertain times, because our Crash Proof Retirement System does not put consumers’ retirement futures at risk,” said Phil Cannella, the Founder and creator of the Crash Proof Retirement System. By updating client review rooms, upgrading reception and staff working areas, and reconstructing their sophisticated media production suite with new lighting, audio, and video editing technologies, Crash Proof Retirement separated itself from other financial firms during the coronavirus pandemic and enhanced the protection of consumer’s retirement investments in an environment that is innovative, inviting, and warm. 

Modernized client review and reception rooms offer a unique and engaging experience for clients reemerging from home confinement to meet with their licensed Crash Proof professionals. Completed with new carpets and floors, a cutting-edge client video wall, digital nameplate graphics, and consumer protection security cameras, clients were welcomed into a vivid and fresh atmosphere for each financial appointment. Highlighted by new cleaning procedures and daily office sterilization, Crash Proof Retirement also showed a high level of commitment to the health and safety of their clients. 

The executive team at Crash Proof Retirement also made efforts to improve the flexibility of staff by executing a faster, more secure integration of client information and adapting easily accessible software to maintain the educational foundation of the Crash Proof Retirement System and provide phone or video conference meetings for clients in response to coronavirus restrictions. This dedication to consumer advocacy is highlighted in Crash Proof Retirement’s unwavering commitment to supply consumers with unmatched financial amenities and resources during times of economic hardship and angst. 

Senior leadership at Crash Proof Retirement also looked to take care of their staff. When asked about updates to the staff working areas, Cannella stated, “It’s important to Joann and I that our beloved clients and staff come into a bright, cheerful office where our team is going to be advocates for our clients, and it’s important that Joann and I are advocates for our staff.” Crash Proof Retirement redesigned the layout of the staff working area and installed technologically advanced cubicle pods that coalesce each department to strengthen communication, elevate productivity, and augment the consumer experience with unparalleled attentiveness to the retirement needs of each Crash Proof Consumer. 

The addition of ergonomic desks also boosted the staff’s experience, offering them the ability to adjust the height of their workstation to interchangeably sit or stand comfortably throughout the day. 

Looking to expand on their media production, Crash Proof Retirement rebuilt their one-of-a-kind production suite, adding a new intricate lighting system in the studio, along with advanced recording equipment, and bolstered audio and video recording capabilities in the control room. These efforts build upon Crash Proof Retirement’s endeavor to produce the trailblazing consumer advocacy program, The Crash Proof Retirement Show, along with groundbreaking interviews and client testimonials where consumers can spread their heartfelt messages about the Crash Proof Retirement System. 

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