Phil Cannella, the nation’s top Retirement Phase Expert, Consumer Advocate, and creator of The Crash Proof Retirement System, is offering a one-of-a-kind education on retirement planning at The Desmond Hotel. Phil Cannella will present the most up-to-date, relevant news concerning all aspects of your retirement at this Crash Proof Retirement Educational Event.

• Hear current market predictions directly from the nation’s most powerful industry leaders, esteemed economists and top research centers in exclusive interviews only seen at this educational event.

• Learn how to get a tax-free IRA and never have to take a Required Minimum Distribution, even if you’re older than 70 ½.

• Get educated on the safe alternative investment options outside of Wall Street that are used in the proven Crash Proof Retirement System developed by Phil Cannella himself. These investment vehicles ensure you never lose a penny of your principal— As documented by a Wharton School of Business Study.

This educational event featuring Phil Cannella is brought to you by Joann Small, CEO of First Senior Financial Group, and is followed by a delicious complimentary meal. Register below!

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