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Crash Proof Income

Crash Proof Income™ is a unique 15-year cycle designed exclusively by Crash Proof Retirement to provide you with income and growth vehicles for your retirement portfolio. This is just one of many investment tools available within the Crash Proof Retirement System, developed by Phil Cannella. Crash Proof Consumers who do not wish to receive an income from their System would not be presented with a Crash Proof Income™ cycle, but rather would be educated on a System designed around growth and legacy planning goals.

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The design of the Crash Proof Income™ cycle consists of hand-selected income vehicles that generate guaranteed monthly income over a defined time period to maintain the consumer’s retirement lifestyle. Growth vehicles are selected as long-term pieces of the Crash Proof Income™ cycle, designed to earn interest at a rate that replenishes the short-term income received and can exceed your initial principal investment, depending on the performance of the annual crediting strategies selected. The purpose of the Crash Proof Income™ cycle is to produce a guaranteed income stream that is tax favorable, protects your assets from market risk, maintains your principal investment, and provides flexibility to ensure all your financial needs are met at all stages of the income cycle.

After completing the educational process at Crash Proof Retirement, you will be presented with a proprietary Crash Proof Income™ design, which outlines your specific financial goals and the framework for the income and growth investments selected to help meet those needs at each stage of the cycle. The income generating investments guarantee a monthly stream of funds from specific Crash Proof Vehicles™ for the first 10 years of the Crash Proof Income™ cycle. These assets, used within a Crash Proof Income™ cycle, grow tax-deferred and more than 90% of the income received during the first 10 years is tax-free.

The Crash Proof Income™ cycle is comprised of non-qualified (after-tax) investment money that is spread strategically using Crash Proof Vehicles™ with durations of 5 and 10 years that distribute necessary monthly income while growing your nest egg with credited interest that can never be lost, nor taken away. During the 15-year cycle, the money invested into the Crash Proof Income™ cycle grows tax-deferred, meaning you will only pay taxes when income is received from your Crash Proof Vehicles™. Since the initial principal investment is non-qualified, the exclusion ratio enables you to spread any taxes owed on the interest over 5 years. Remember when receiving your income, a majority is tax-free. The growth pieces of the Crash Proof Income™ cycle gain interest, which is tax deferred, until it the interest is withdrawn. These tax favorable measures provide peace of mind as they allow you to sustain your retirement lifestyle with guaranteed income and stable, continuous growth.

Unlike certain traditional investments, the Crash Proof Income™ cycle will not lock up your funds. Although the duration of the Crash Proof Income™ cycle is standardized at 15 years, you still have access to your money, you have full discretion of how to allocate the crediting strategies within those vehicles, and the flexibility to make changes to your Crash Proof Retirement System. While you live throughout retirement, spending and investing habits change. As a result, the Crash Proof Retirement System accounts for income and liquidity needs by staying up to date with your financial goals to assist in making proper adjustments to your Crash Proof Income™ when necessary.

The Crash Proof Income™ cycle has allowed Crash Proof Consumers to meet their income needs for retirement while having the opportunity to make more money than what was being withdrawn. Even while taking required minimum distributions, or penalty-free withdrawals, Crash Proof Consumers have finished ahead due to the growth and tax favorability of the Crash Proof Income™ cycle. Starting on day 1, the Exclusive Crash Proof Retirement System guarantees financial security, protection of principal, and peace of mind throughout retirement with the benefits of Crash Proof Income™.


Developed by Founder Phil Cannella, the proprietary design of the Crash Proof Income™ cycle assures that 100% of your money is working for you 100% of the time with no market risk or fees.

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