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CPR to Sponsor National Liberty Museum Gala

CPR to Sponsor National Liberty Museum Gala

[Photo: Crash Proof Retirement’s donation is used at Universal Vare Charter School in Philadelphia as part of National Liberty Museum’s Young Heroes Outreach Program.]


King of Prussia, Pennsylvania — As part of their ongoing efforts to support charitable causes in the Philadelphia area, Phil Cannella, Joann Small, and The Crash Proof Retirement Show will be on hand September 14th, 2019 at the National Liberty Museum’s 20th Anniversary Glass Auction and Gala to make a donation that will help fund charter education programs for young people. Since 2014, Crash Proof Retirement has contributed a total of $197,589 dollars to the National Liberty Museum, a portion of which was used to fund the Young Heroes Outreach Program, which empowers students to identify and investigate social issues and take an active role in implementing civil projects to improve their own communities.

“I think very highly of Phil Cannella and Joann Small,” said President of the National Liberty Museum’s Board of Directors, Brian Effron. “Their philanthropy goes beyond just the National Liberty Museum and goes to places like Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and other areas affecting children, which I find to be an exceptional approach.”

In the 2014-2015 school year, the first year that Crash Proof Retirement became involved with the National Liberty Museum, Cannella and Small’s contribution helped sponsor 50 middle school students to participate in the Young Heroes Outreach Program for a year, free of charge. In the first semester of that year, they learned more about their first amendment rights and how they could use that knowledge to become better citizens. In the second semester, they put their studies into action by identifying a “liberty” issue in their own community and addressing it through a service project. In 2014, the Young Heroes launched a number of projects, raising funds for a homeless shelter, launching anti-bullying campaigns in local schools, and spearheading neighborhood cleanup efforts.

The following school year, Crash Proof Retirement ramped up their efforts, sponsoring half of the students at Universal Vare Charter School to participate in the program. Vare’s 6th-graders chose to address the issue of violence in and around their school campus, a problem that was all too prevalent in their South Philadelphia neighborhood of West Snyder. They collaborated with their teachers to organize a mentoring program with first graders in their school, visiting their classrooms at least once a week to help students with their work and act as positive role models. Through these efforts, they hoped to address the systemic problems at the root of violence and give the next generation the tools they need to solve problems using their words, rather than their fists.

For the 2017-2018 school year, Phil Cannella and Joann Small sponsored the entire Vare School’s participation – 94 students in total – in Young Heroes. That year, the students chose to tackle the issue of gun violence in their neighborhoods, something that many of them had experienced personally. For their service project, these students created a school peace celebration involving school officials and engaged the local police department to help them more effectively combat gun violence.

Crash Proof Retirement is excited to continue their partnership with the National Liberty Museum and look forward to making another big splash for kids in the Philadelphia community during the 2019-2020 school year. For more information about the National Liberty Museum, their 20th Anniversary Glass Auction and Gala, and the Young Heroes Outreach Program visit libertymuseum.org.

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Crash Proof Retirement is a retirement planning company based in King of Prussia, PA that emphasizes consumer-driven investments for all people, especially those in or near retirement. With over 5,000 retirement accounts already protected from stock market crashes, founder Phil Cannella and CEO Joann Small have made it their mission to educate every American about safe alternatives to stock market investing. For more information, visit crashproofretirement.com or tune in to the Crash Proof Retirement Show which airs in the Philadelphia area Saturdays at 11 am and Sundays at 1 pm on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT and in South Florida Sundays at 8 am on Legends 100.3 FM.

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