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Radio Show: Control Your Financial Future

Radio Show: Control Your Financial Future

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Hosts Phil Cannella and Joann Small interview talk about putting consumer interests first, controlling your financial future and household finances between spouses. Their #1 goal is to increase your financial literacy and to help you Crash Proof your retirement with the proprietary Crash Proof Retirement System®.


In today’s climate of “fake news,” the deliberate spreading of false information – Phil and Joann urge listeners to not just trust, but to verify financial news from mainstream media. It’s very important today, especially with the few big media companies who own the major TV news outlets, including CNBC, ABC, NBC, FOX and CNN. They are still confused and continue to give bad advice about safe investment alternatives, like Crash Proof vehicles.

Just as there is fake news, there are fake entities posing as Crash Proof Retirement®. Others have tried to imitate our exclusive Crash Proof Retirement System® with 5,000 clients who have successfully Crash Proofed their retirement nest egg.

Hear the rest of this important warning within this podcast.


What is peace of mind worth when it comes to protecting your retirement savings after working a lifetime?

It’s important to note that each Crash Proof Retirement System® is customized for each consumer that goes through our education process. It’s guaranteed never to lose money during any market downturn or market crash. We never recommend securities to investors in or near retirement. That is Wall Street.

Every cent of a Crash Proof consumer’s money earns interest that becomes an instantly realized addition to their account’s principal until the consumer decides to take withdrawals or distributions.

Why? It is credited as interest, instead of a capital gain from stocks which aren’t actualized until those stocks are sold.

Listen and learn more about credited interest vs. capital gains.


Ladies, there is a risk in allowing your husband to solely take care of the finances in an effort to protect you. That’s not real protection. It’s actually a knowledge barrier when retirement financial decisions are made without your input. That’s not good, especially if or when you are alone due to divorce or death.

Including within this podcast is an excerpt from our exclusive interview between Joann Small and Suzanna de Baca, former Vice President of Wealth Strategies at Ameriprise Financial as to why women must take an active role in retirement decisions:

“Regardless of who is doing some of the day-to-day work, my opinion is that you’re better off with both people involved in the finances and sharing some of those responsibilities so that both of your needs are represented, and the well-being of the entire family is really optimized,” said de Baca.

Tune into this informative interview.


In keeping with our opening segment’s sentiment “trust but verify,” at Crash Proof Retirement® don’t just take our word for our excellent Crash Proof Retirement System®. Here are what happy consumers had to say about Crash Proofing their retirement savings:

  • “Returns we have allowed us to sleep at night and takes a lot of worry out of all our investment strategies and about where we’re going.” – Rich & Elisa Boyle from Quakertown, PA
  • “There is no pressure with Crash Proof Retirement® and it was a really nice experience. We had as many appointments as we wanted to learn about the Crash Proof Retirement System®. It was easy to understand.” – John & Dawn Swiderski from Washington Twp, NJ

Hear more about why it makes sense for us to put consumers first.


Summer may be half over, but we are still holding Crash Proof Retirement® Educational Events! You are invited to attend one of our Crash Proof Retirement® educational events near you. Phil Cannella and Joann Small will explain financial strategies to help keep your retirement safe and sound and give you the peace-of-mind so many of our clients have now.

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