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Consumers Get Crash Proof Advice From Phil Cannella

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Consumers Get Crash Proof Advice From Phil Cannella

At Phil Cannella’s Crash Proof Retirement Presentation, consumers discuss how Phil Cannella spoke to their financial concerns. Nov. ’11 “My specific concern is – goes a little bit to the heart of what Phil said and that whether it’s either you know what’s best for my advisor what’s best for me.” “When Phill talked about mutual funds which I wasn’t too sure about, and I was glad to hear his viewpoint on it and it made sense and to me it said well here’s another vehicle that is not really proper for a person like myself and gave us more to think about.” “He was excellent now the second part was actually about the mutual funds everything was terrific. The whole seminar was terrific.” “I want to come to the rest of the courses you spiked my interest level.” “Phil was compelling and dynamic and he made a lot of sense to me because I had those concerns and I’m not as attuned to the financial part of our portfolio as my husband is, but I had a lot of questions and sometimes I didn’t have enough background to ask intelligent questions but I always felt uncomfortable about certain things, so some of the things that Phil did say actually rung a bell with me so now I’m really interested in exploring.”



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