About Phil Cannella

In the 1970s, Phil Cannella pioneered long-term care insurance, an investment helping millions of retired people to afford the continuing medical care they need.  Today, Phil Cannella’s cause is the Crash Proof Retirement system, which provides retirees with a steady source of income in their golden years regardless of the health of the economy.  Phil Cannella has worked tirelessly for nearly four decades as a Senior Advocate dedicated to protecting retirees from market risk, unnecessary taxes, and unscrupulous advisors. Phil Cannella started First Senior Financial Group to promote his consumer-driven model of customer service, and even used his own funds to launch the Crash Proof Retirement Show™, which he uses to bring his message of Senior Advocacy to the people.  Although Phil Cannella has given his co-host Joann Small the opportunity to take over as CEO of First Senior, the mission of his company will remain the same — fighting for the rights of retirees everywhere.

Phil Cannella focuses on new venture

Stepping down as CEO will allow Phil Cannella to focus on his new venture, Retirement Media, Inc., which he intends to become a new comprehensive and accurate resource for retirees who are often ignored and misled by the mainstream media.  To Phil Cannella, Retirement Media, Inc. represents “Truth for the American Retiree,” and he is dedicated to presenting factual, reliable information about retirement issues in a central location that will make it easy for retirees to stay informed.  As he grows his new business, Phil Cannella will continue to wield the “Sword of Truth” as he has over the course of his entire career.  This means Phil Cannella has committed himself to always remaining truthful, and he will do everything in his power to suppress those who would deceive retirees for their own benefit.

Phil Cannella’s lifelong mission

Phil Cannella’s lifelong mission of Senior Advocacy began when he was a child, when he experienced firsthand the devastation caused by an illness in the family.  When Phil Cannella’s grandfather suffered a stroke and was confined to a nursing home, he and his family were forced to work hard and sacrifice just to stay ahead of the torrent of medical bills.  This experience instilled Phil Cannella with a sense of duty to ensure that other families would not have to suffer in the face of an unexpected medical tragedy the way his had.  That is when he developed long-term care insurance, a pursuit that would lead him to a new calling: protecting retirees from financial devastation.

To realize his vision, Phil Cannella founded First Senior Financial Group and designed the Crash Proof Retirement Guide, a federally trademarked matrix of non-securities contractual agreements that are structured specifically for guaranteed long-term protection of principle.  Phil Cannella gave retirees a way to grow their investments without having to sacrifice their financial security.  In studies conducted at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School and elsewhere, the Crash Proof vehicles used in the Crash Proof Retirement Guide matrix have beaten the S&P 500 index for growth each year since 1997 in rolling five-year averages.

Now, in 2012, Phil Cannella and Retirement Media, Inc. work together with First Senior’s new CEO Joann Small to forge a partnership that will represent education and true consumer advocacy.  Phil Cannella’s new media venture will allow him to expand the scope of the Crash Proof message, giving it a greater presence on radio, television, and the internet.  Now retirees will not miss out on Phil Cannella’s groundbreaking media content, like his controversial interview with former SEC Inspector General H. David Kotz, in which he wasn’t afraid to ask the tough questions of the man responsible for policing the watchdog agency overseeing the entire securities industry.  Phil Cannella hopes to continue providing provocative, eye-opening content as he builds his in-house team of researchers and journalists, a team that will rival those of the mainstream media outlets.

One of Retirement Media, Inc.’s new responsibilities will be taking over production of The Crash Proof Retirement Show as well as First Senior’s informative newsletter, The Crash Proof Courier, which is distributed at educational events throughout the Delaware Valley and is available by subscription.  Even with all of his new responsibilities, Phil Cannella will continue to co-host The Crash Proof Retirement Show with Joann Small on the region’s top talk station, Talk Radio 1210 WPHT.

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