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5th Anniversary of The Crash Proof Retirement Show

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5th Anniversary of The Crash Proof Retirement Show

5th Anniversary of the Crash Proof Retirement Show®

This weekend marked the 5th year of the Crash Proof Retirement Show®

In the show’s opening, you may have heard Phil Cannella mention what he refers to as The Look Back Principle. Although it applies across all spectrums of life, The Look Back Principle is especially fitting for this weekend. In fact, it lays the premise for what would be the focus of the entire show. This weekend, we took a look back at five years of protecting consumers by providing a Crash Proof Retirement education that cannot be found anywhere else.

We then heard from our supporters, everyday people that heard us on the radio, came in to get educated, and now have a Crash Proof Retirement. We let these good people of the tristate area speak directly to our listeners so they can spread the message of Crash Proof Retirement, and share their stories of what it has done for them.

We encourage all of our blog readers to visit the video library above, where they can view interviews of some of the great Crash Proof Retirees that traveled to our National Headquarters to share their story.

Once again, here at Crash Proof Retirement, we would like to thank all of you who have supported us along the way. Without you, we wouldn’t have reached this great milestone of 5 years. It is thanks to your loyalty and dedication that we have been able to stand strong against our foes who wish to see us fail. This success of this show is undeniable proof that in any deceptive industry, truth and logic will always prevail.

Don’t forget to come see us at our National headquarters in King of Prussia, Pa. Or come see us  the next time we visit your area for a cost-free Crash Proof Retirement Educational Event. To see when we will be in your area next and register to secure your seat, visit CrashProofEvents.com

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