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Stock Market Losses Draw New Jersey Residents to Crash Proof Retirement® Educational Event

The Falls at the Double Tree Event 5.11.22

Stock Market Losses Draw New Jersey Residents to Crash Proof Retirement® Educational Event

American retirees in Burlington County, New Jersey were introduced to proprietary financial solutions by Retirement Phase Experts Phil Cannella and Joann Small to address their concerns about stock market volatility and economic uncertainty. 

King of Prussia, PA — More than a hundred American retirees flocked to the Crash Proof Retirement® Educational Event at the Falls at the DoubleTree in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey to witness the truth about safe alternatives outside of Wall Street’s risky business from Retirement Phase Expert Phil Cannella and Crash Proof Retirement® CEO Joann Small. Throughout the exclusive educational event, members of the audience were introduced to valuable financial solutions that can be used to protect their hard-earned nest egg from stock market volatility, rising inflation, and the risk of an economic crisis. 

The solution, Cannella said, is simple. “We [Crash Proof Retirement®] put you in the strongest financial industry known to man.” Cannella, a master of metaphors, presented a unique analogy comparing the financial industry to The Three Little Pigs, a classic nursery rhyme fairy tale. Using this fable, Cannella drew strong contrasts between Wall Street’s high-risk securities, the banking industry, and the Crash Proof Retirement® System. Starting with Wall Street, Cannella compared the stock market to a house of straw which “blew in half twice in ten years in ’01-’02 [again in 2008] and then it almost blew in half again, 35% with the pandemic.”

Cannella went on to describe the banking industry as a house of sticks, citing how the federal government shut down the banking industry, for a period of time, at the onset of the Great Depression to prevent Americans from withdrawing their funds. Again, in 2008, hundreds of banks failed during the financial crisis and the federal government was forced to get involved to avert a larger financial meltdown. “[Banks] were taken over, or went out of business,” according to Cannella. The only industry that did not get blown over in any of the previous financial crises was the financial life insurance industry. This brick house, Cannella highlighted, houses the exclusive Crash Proof Retirement® System, and has prevented investors from ever losing a single penny in any market crash, even protecting Babe Ruth — the legendary slugger from the New York Yankees — during the Great Depression. “In our industry, there is no bankruptcy,” Cannella proclaimed. “Your money is 100% safe; even the federal government cannot touch your money if it’s in an insurance instrument held by a financial life insurance institution.” 

Audience members were intrigued with the history of the financial life insurance industry as Cannella listed the benefits of having a Crash Proof Retirement® System. These benefits include credited interest that can never be taken away, no fees, and the potential to earn double-digit returns. Attendees were most enthralled with the descriptions of guaranteed principal protection and testimonials from real Crash Proof Consumers recounting the peace of mind they received knowing that their hard-earned nest egg would never be lost in a market crash or economic downturn. 

Carl Faust, a New Jersey resident from Pemberton Township, came to the Crash Proof Retirement® Educational Event because he was looking for a way to extend the lifespan of his nest egg as he slowly drained his savings in retirement. “When I retired, I thought I had enough money to last me my remaining years, but I found out I ran out,” said Faust. “So, I’m looking for a way to improve the amount I have saved to the point where it’ll last me another five to ten years.” In light of the economic issues impacting the stock market, Faust went on to reveal his displeasure with the actions taken by the current administration and conveyed shock that the stock market has not fallen further, eroding more of his nest egg. “I’m very concerned about inflation,” Faust expressed. “I really don’t know what to expect, but I want to be prepared in any way I can for whatever happens.” 

Also disturbed about the country’s financial situation, Susanne Kramer, a real estate agent from Southampton, New Jersey noted that she should be retired, but instead has to work two jobs due to the unexpected and unfortunate passing of her husband. “When you have a sudden illness it kind of takes money that you didn’t plan on losing so that’s basically what hit us and now, I’m having to recoup and try to put money back that we had to use.” Despite working two jobs, Kramer expressed that she does not feel confident about her financial situation and is facing more challenges now that the country is heading towards a financial crisis. “I don’t like what the current administration is doing at all. They’re going in the wrong direction, they’re taking our economy in the wrong direction, they’re taking the country in the wrong direction, and I have to protect my money somehow someway with what they’re doing.” 

To address the audience’s concerns about inflation, Cannella utilized an interactive chart developed by the Crash Proof Retirement® Team to explain the impact that rising prices are having on the economy. “Inflation is one of the many waves coming toward your portfolio, because it’s beginning to be politicized,” Cannella warned, stating that the government will eventually turn to retirees’ portfolios to settle the country’s debt. Cannella also referenced several other financial bubbles that are forming around the issue of inflation and explained how the current administration is exacerbating these problems by overspending and accumulating debt. “Economies need debt, that’s how they grow, but too much debt can bring an economy down.” 

Guests like Rich Chaney from Laurel Springs, New Jersey shared similar concerns about the current administration and indicated that their failures are leading the country down a very dark road. “This administration is abominable,” Chaney stated. “The president is just not a competent man to run the country. Inflation is hitting [hard], from what I hear even food shortages in the future; you don’t know, it’s very uncertain times right now.” Chaney also communicated that he no longer believed that the stock market was a safe place to house his investments. “It’s taking money away from what I had hoped to have, and I don’t want to lose anymore.” Although Chaney felt uneasy about his current investment strategy, he is confident that he will gain peace of mind with Crash Proof Retirement®. “I think this is going to be the answer to make a safe investment.” 

Phil Cannella, Joann Small, and the entire Crash Proof Retirement® team will be holding their next educational event at the Copperfield Inn in Limerick, Pennsylvania on May 17, 2022, at 5 PM. To reserve your seat or to learn more about the exclusive Crash Proof Retirement® System call 800-722-9728 or visit https://crashproofretirement.com/crash-proof-retirement-events/

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