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The Sword of Truth

The Sword of Truth

When you come to a Crash Proof Educational event, or listen to the Crash Proof Retirement Show with Phil Cannella and Joann Small, you’ll often hear Phil Cannella talk about “Wielding the Sword of Truth.” What does that saying mean?  Why is it connected so closely to the philosophy of Crash Proof Retirement?

Well, as the Founder of Crash Proof Retirement, Phil Cannella likes to say:

“The sword always shines in the face of truth and swings and pierces
the soulless bodies of the evil.”

Phil Cannella has fought many battles in his life and career, and has spent much of his time and energy, defending himself and his Crash Proof consumers against untrue and unfair attacks from the media and other financial advisers.  It’s easy to be a target when you’re standing alone for what you believe in, and your opponents are afraid that the “truth” that may expose them for the cowards & frauds that they are. The “Sword of Truth” that Phil Cannella wields comes in the form of a philosophy and determination that nothing will stand in his way of spreading the truth, and being a true consumer advocate for those in or near retired years.

Watch the video below to understand just “who is Phil Cannella.”

This is why Phil Cannella carries the “Sword of Truth.”

Back in 2009 Phil was exposed to some writings that reminded him of a particular poem that was especially connected to his own world-view. He re-worked the poem to reflect his mission in life over the last few years.  Originally written November, 2004.  Edited for publication November, 2009

Pure Truth, subtle and elusive, flowing from the grasp like quicksilver.

Alone, it is useless.

Impossible to see from within gawky, restrictive mortal forms.

Truth, as we know it, is inherently impure.

Laced as it is with perceptions, thoughts, fears and emotions.

It is fragile, brittle…

unable to stand up to the ringing clash of battle

in the fields of the heart.

If you depend on it alone, it will fail you.

Blinding you with it’s shimmering intensity and cutting you when it shatters…

Wisdom is the key.

Strong and flexible, yet too soft to take an edge,

wisdom alone is useless to a warrior.

What is accomplished by just sitting around, being wise?

Lay Wisdom and Truth side by side, heating them in the fires of awareness.

Beat them with the hammer of Determination, folding and blending over and over

You form a blade of surpassing power.

Sharpen it regularly with experience, oil it with humility,

sheath it in restraint and never draw it in anger.

And you will have the weapon of a true Warrior!

In the words of Phil Cannella:

As I Stand fourth to bring truth

All my thoughts are contained in the conscience of my soul,

Wielding truth with strength in my hand to serve justice

I belong to the principles of the mortals.

And the heavens above in the sky.

As I pass in between through the portals.

I am honesty’s greatest ally.

I am known as “Cannella” of justice.

Seeking right where I know there is wrong.

When my senses say something seems amiss,

Like a moth I’m immediately drawn.

With my sword I bring light to the dark.

And the truth is the sting in its mark.

If you want to learn more about how Phil Cannella’s “Sword of Truth” philosophy has propelled Crash Proof Retirement into becoming the leading consumer advocate retirement firm in the world, then watch the video below and set up a free, one-on-one appointment with a Crash Proof Educator or register for the next Crash Proof Educational event by calling: 1-800-722-9728, or by clicking on this link.

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