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Crash Proof Retirement System presented by Phil Cannella

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Crash Proof Retirement System presented by Phil Cannella


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Phil Cannella, creator of The Crash Proof Retirement System, spoke on Wednesday to a room full of attendees at the historic Hotel Bethlehem in Bethlehem, PA. Joined by First Senior Financial Group CEO Joann Small, Cannella offered the assembled audience a presentation filled with information, data, video clips and anecdotes they won’t find anywhere else.

“We’re here to educate you,” said Cannella. “My mission, as a consumer advocate, is to provide retirees with the information necessary to protect their nest eggs in preparation for the retirement phase of life.”

Cannella showed slides and figures that demonstrated previous ‘bubbles’ in the stock market that were each followed, without fail, by market corrections or ‘crashes’. After sharing the numbers and data, Cannella asked, “Who’s concerned about another crisis? More importantly, who’s prepared for the next crisis?”

To accomplish this, Cannella introduced the audience to his CrashProof Retirement System, a retirement strategy distinguished by investment vehicles that are resistant to market drops.

“These vehicles come from the insurance industry—and insurance companies never go bankrupt,” said Cannella. “Your money is protected—guaranteed. Even in a down market, you will NEVER lose one penny of your principle. Zero becomes your hero.”

These crash-proof vehicles are specially designed for each individual investor—people who’ve spent their entire working lives saving for retirement, and are ready to shift their interest to protecting their investment.

“Just as you wouldn’t go to your general practitioner if you had a heart attack, you can’t entrust a financial advisor with the job of preparing and protecting you in this phase of your life,” concluded Cannella. “You need a specialist—a retirement phase advisor.”

Next week, Phil Cannella will speak at the Desmond Hotel, 1 Liberty Boulevard in Malvern, PA on Tuesday, July 22. To learn more or to reserve your seat today, visit Crash Proof Retirement or call toll-free at (800) 722-9728.



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