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Trump stock rally may be coming to an end according to experts


The post Donald Trump election bounce on the stock market may be starting the wane. The S&P 500 climbed to all-time highs on Monday, notching its first record close since August. The index is now up nearly 3% since Donald Trump’s election. The Dow also hit a new high, taking it over the 19,000 level, and the Nasdaq, which struggled initially after the election, has also risen to a new record high- its first since September. Now it appears that the market may be ready to take a breather in the coming days and weeks ahead.

According to Bespoke Investment Group analysts, who ran a health-check on these so-called “Trump trades.” positions linked to Trump’s surprise victory are starting to lose momentum. Click here to see how analysts are now seeing the current rally on Wall Street.

The experts at Bloomberg News have also been accessing the equities rally on Wall Street. Watch below.

If you believe it’s time to get off the market and protect your retirement nest-egg, then it’s time you got educated on the exclusive Crash Proof Retirement System.

Crash Proof Retirement Spotlight: Al Butikis

Crash Proof Retirement Consumers

The Crash Proof Retirement System, created by Phil Cannella, has helped thousands of people to secure their retirement futures. Today, we focus the Crash Proof Retirement Spotlight on Al Butikis of South Philadelphia.

Al is a retired welder who spent years investing his retirement nest egg. Al had some more traditional investments as well, such as savings and checking accounts and CDs. But in all those cases, Al’s returns weren’t providing him with peace of mind about his future. Truth be told, Al was losing money.

“My concerns were that my money was stagnant in the [investments] that I had,” Al explained. “I was always looking for something different than regular savings, checking or CDs. I was just dabbling with little stuff, but not making much headway—losing money, actually.”

Al was looking for a better option—and that’s when he heard about Crash Proof Retirement on the radio. He was attracted to the idea of making a decent return with the Crash Proof Retirement System, without having to worry about the volatility of the market or the low interest rates of banks. So Al and his wife attended a Crash Proof Retirement Educational Event, and had their eyes opened to the safe alternatives the System offers!

After receiving the first part of his education at the event, Al decided to continue the process at the King of Prussia headquarters of First Senior Financial Group—the exclusive home of Crash Proof Retirement. He appreciated the low-pressure approach of the consumer advocates who took the time to educate him about the available options.

“With Crash Proof Retirement, there are no fees,” said Al. “We don’t pay anything for consultations or yearly visits.”

Al appreciated the fact that he was welcome to call or come into the office for an appointment anytime he had a question or wanted to discuss something.

Al became Crash Proof in 2007—just in time to survive and thrive through the market crash of 2008. He never worried about his money during the crash—and he still doesn’t, because he knows his nest egg is safe and secure in the Crash Proof Retirement System.

Over his eight years in the Crash Proof Retirement System, Al Butikis has enjoyed an average of 6.8%. That’s credited as interest, so no fees or market crashes can decrease Al’s money. Only the account holder can make such a withdrawal.

Today, Al finally enjoys the peace of mind he never found on the market. “Phil Cannella and Joann Small are like a godsend,” Al concluded. “I don’t think you can match this anywhere else. A sustained 6.8% average is terrific—that’s money you have, if you needed to use it, you could get it.

“My wife and I are grateful for the opportunity to get into some of these investment vehicles and get decent returns on our money. We’re happy and looking forward to the future.”

Understanding How to Optimize Social Security

Women at Issue in Retirement with Joann Small

Understanding How to Optimize Social Security in Retirement

Women face a longer retirement than men, which makes it especially important for them to get educated on optimizing their Social Security Income in retirement.

Women can benefit a lot from learning about these three Social Security claiming strategies:

Delaying your claim

You can claim Social Security as early as 62 and as late as 70. However, for each year you delay claiming Social Security Income, your future monthly payments increase. If you claim at age 70, you can have as much as 76% more monthly income from Social Security than if you had claimed at age 62.

Claiming spousal benefits

Women should consider claiming spousal benefits based on their husband, or even ex-husband’s income. The spousal benefit applies to married women or women divorced after ten years of marriage. It allows the spouse with little or no income to increase their social security income to half of what their spouse, or ex, is receiving.

Example- If you receive $900 a month from Social Security, and your spouse, or ex-spouse, receives $2000, by claiming spousal benefits you would increase your monthly payments to $1000.

Double Dip Strategy

This strategy is a combination of both strategies for couples. It allows one spouse to start receiving spousal Social Security Income, while still delaying their own income to grow to a maximum benefit level for you to claim at a later date, ideally age 70.


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As promised by our hosts Phil and Joann, we have provided several helpful links to tools and information that was mentioned on the show. Please review our links below and be sure to visit to see when the next no-cost Crash Proof Educational Event is coming to your area.


 Social Security Income Estimator– This tool can provide you with a general idea of how much you can expect to earn from Social Security once you retire, so that you can plan your budget accordingly.