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Blue Bell Retirement Planner

Blue Bell Retirement Planner: If you are looking for a proven way to grow and preserve your principal investment without the up-front costs, market risk, and recurring fees of securities-based financial vehicles, Crash Proof Retirement®® is the way to achieve these goals. The one-of-a-kind investing strategy developed by First Senior Financial Group is known as the Crash Proof Retirement® System, and it has proven itself through the market crashes of 2008 and 2021. While securities investors were losing everything, Crash Proof consumers were able to prevent losses thanks to the often-misunderstood Crash Proof Vehicles™ used in our system. These unique financial investments are guaranteed and customized to address the specific financial needs of people in or near retirement. Unlike traditional financial advisors, our team of licensed Retirement Educators is focused on consumer advocacy. We work every day to improve the financial literacy of those approaching retirement so they can make informed investing decisions on their own. If topics like income planning, tax planning, and estate planning confuse you, the Crash Proof Retirement® team is here to help.


Blue Bell Retirement Planner: The Crash Proof Retirement® System is more than just a single investment; it is more like an orchestral arrangement. Each part of the system is like an individual instrument. One instrument alone isn’t enough to produce a complex melody, but when combined with other instruments under the supervision of a conductor, it can become part of a breathtaking symphony. The Crash Proof Retirement® System works the same way. Each individual financial instrument is part of a larger whole, and when they come together, they add up to a harmonious retirement plan that meets your needs in retirement and prevents you from losing your nest egg.

Because every person is different, each Crash Proof Retirement® guide is custom tailored to you personally. Your guide will utilize your assets in a way that protects you from losing your principal while also providing the potential to credit interest at rates similar to securities-based investments. Not only will you have security and peace of mind, you will also have access to the income you need in retirement and the ability to access lump sums of money in an emergency.

What are Crash Proof Vehicles?

When saving for the future, you have two types of investments to choose from: Risk-Class and Fixed-Class
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Blue Bell Retirement Planner: Choosing Risk-Class investments means you can potentially lose everything during a market crash. That’s why Crash Proof Retirement®® only uses investments from the Fixed-Class of assets. These vehicles are equipped with features that benefit the consumer rather than providing an ongoing source of income for the advisor who recommended them. Crash Proof Vehicles™ are protected from bankruptcy, allow you to defer taxation, give you access to your money at any time, and give your beneficiaries the opportunity to receive the full value of your investment’s growth when you pass away.
These vehicles exist outside the securities industry and are actually issued by insurance companies. The Wharton School of Business has studied these investments and concluded that, due to their unique properties, Crash Proof Vehicles™ couldn’t be placed in the same class as any existing investment. Since they were created in 1995, not a single Crash Proof Vehicle™ has lost a dollar of its owners’ principal investment, whether due to market risk or recurring fees.


Blue Bell Retirement Planner Consumer-Driven Process

Blue Bell Retirement Planner: As the only firm in the country that has the rights to use the Crash Proof Retirement®® Strategy, First Senior Financial Group is in a unique position to help you protect your financial future. Our team works specifically with people in or near retirement, unlike other investment companies that work with people of all ages. That means we are well-versed in the needs of people as they approach retirement and that we can help you secure your finances now and in the future. Our licensed Retirement Educators attend intense continuing education courses that ensure they can provide the best education for you on topics like income planning, tax planning, estate planning, and more. Our team will work with you every step of the way until you have all the information you need to make your own decisions about your investing future.

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