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Archive for December 31, 2019

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Wall Street Slashes Thousands of Jobs: What Does it Mean for the Future?

While the stock market continues to reach record highs, Wall Street firms and banks around the world have been quietly shedding jobs.  Over the summer, several well-known banks announced higher-than-average layoffs and that trend has continued into the end of 2019.  In August, HSBC cut more than 4,7...

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Managing Liquidity with the Crash Proof Retirement ® System

The Exclusive Crash Proof Retirement ® System is comprised of little-known Crash Proof Retirement ® Vehicles that are interest bearing accounts. The great thing about this class of investments is that they’re safe, and free of fees, however many investors are unaware of t...

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Crash Proof Retirement ® Donates $62,000 to National Liberty Museum

Phil Cannella, Joann Small, and Crash Proof Retirement ® COO Michael Stringer were on hand at the Philadelphia Downtown Marriott for the National Liberty Museum’s 20th Anniversary Glass Auction and Gala on Saturday September 14th to make a donation supporting the NLM and its Young Heroes Outreach Prog...

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China Trade War Makes Stock Market Unpredictable in September

Investors all around the world are waiting with bated breath to see the outcome of the ongoing trade war between the United Stated and China, and whether or not you support tariffs on China, one thing is certain: tariff announcements and rumors of trade talks have made the stock market unpredictable...

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CPR to Sponsor National Liberty Museum Gala

[Photo: Crash Proof Retirement ®'s donation is used at Universal Vare Charter School in Philadelphia as part of National Liberty Museum's Young Heroes Outreach Program.]   King of Prussia, Pennsylvania -- As part of their ongoing efforts to support charitable causes in the ...

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The September Effect’s Affect

The month of September is typically the worst month of the year for the stock market. Sure, the market is down already as we’ve seen during its recent 800-point drop.  However, September is usually when the three leading indexes – Dow Jones, S&P 500 and Nasdaq all turn in the poorest performance...

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This Week’s Radio Show: Financial MRI

Saturday, August 24, 2019 Hosts Phil Cannella and Joann Small talk about sub-account fees, a Financial MRI, Crash Proof Retirement ® System’s® logic and interview special guests. Their #1 goal is to increase your financial literacy and to help you Crash Proof your retirement with the proprietary Cr...

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Radio Show: Tax Proof Your Nest Egg

Saturday, August 17, 2019 Hosts Phil Cannella and Joann Small talk about the Red Zone Retirement formula, part two of the interview with Dallas Salisbury from Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) and tax proofing your retirement nest egg. Their #1 goal is to increase your financial literacy...

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Radio Show: Ethics for Investing 101

Saturday, August 10, 2019 Hosts Phil Cannella and Joann Small talk about transparency with investments and the solid and steady insurance industry and host special guest interviews. Their #1 goal is to increase your financial literacy and to help you Crash Proof your retirement with the proprieta...

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Recession on the Horizon?

While we are currently still in the middle of the longest bull market run in history, many top economists and investors alike believe it could be coming to an end within the next year or two.  As 2019 has dragged on, several key economic indicators have cropped up tha...

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